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HBO Max "gen:LOCK Season 2":

01 description

Working on gen:LOCK, I was responsible for surfacing both environments and characters.  I surfaced set pieces, sets, background characters, hero characters, and hero props.  I was responsible for the uv unwrapping, texturing, and look development of the assets I worked on.  All texturing was done in Mari and look development was done in Katana using 3Delight.

Disney+ "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild":

01 description

Buck Wild was the first project I worked on at Bardel Entertainment.  On this project, I would work on set pieces, sets, characters, and hero props. I would be responsible for uv unwrapping, texturing, and the look development of my assets. All texturing was done in Mari and the look development was done in Katana using Renderman.

"Splish Splash":

01 description

I worked collaboratively on this project for my Graduation film at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  We worked on this project and faced many struggles, but it was a huge

learning experience.  

Our goal with this film was to show the life of a little girl who prospers and grows with the rain, while her mom is only seeing life in the perspective of an adult.  With the help of magical water spirits, the little girl guides her mother to experience the world in the eyes of a child, a world full of magic.

My main tasks were background modeling, modeling of the mom character, look development, small prop rigging, animation, lighting and CFX.

"Look Left First":

02 description

I worked collaboratively on a short film for the Vancouver Police Department to help teach kids about how to cross the street safely. My primary roles on this project was working on the texture, background modeling and look development. 

I also assisted on animation and animated

the last 23 seconds of the short.

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